Adding Sub and Super Scripting to TRVActions

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Adding Sub and Super Scripting to TRVActions

Post by DickBryant » Mon Sep 25, 2006 7:05 pm

Hi Sergey,

I need the Sub and Superscripting toolbar button capabilities in my app. I used the rest of the font effects buttons that tie to TRVActions and they work fine across all of the several TRVEdits that are used in my app.

I implemented the Sub and Super capabilities following the example in the demo editor that implements sub and superscripting. The problem is, it only works for the single RVE that it points to, rather than having the capability to work with whatever RVE that has the focus.

Could you either show me how to modify the example in the editor demo so it'll work with whatever rve is currently selected or show how to add the subscript and superscript to the TRVActions? I'm afraid both of these approaches are a little (LOT?) above my abilities.



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