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Turbo C++ Packages

Post by Sergey Tkachenko » Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:40 am

TurboC++ packages for RichView, RvXML, RvHTMLImporter, RichViewActions.

They are created because BDS2006 packages cannot be loaded in TurboC++, they require Delphi personality.

Only one (designtime) package is created for RichViewActions. In future, all runtime packages will be removed for all versions of Delphi and C++Builders.
The included RichViewActions package should be modified if you plan to use RichViewActions together with RvXML and RvHTMLImporter (links to the corresponding packages must be included in "Requires" of the RichViewActions package).

Known problems:
1) I do not know how to change captions of TurboC++ packages (captions are listed in Component | Install Packages list).
2) I do not know how to specify include files directories for Pascal compiler in TurboC++. RV_Defs.inc in included in pas-files of all TRichView addons.
Currently I can suggest one of the following solutions:
a) copy RV_Defs.inc in directories of RichViewActions, RvXML and other addons (if you'll modify it, make sure that the same modifications are applied to all copies of this file), or
b) install TRichView and all its addons in the same directory.

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