html and scripts, is this the best way ?

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html and scripts, is this the best way ?

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I want to load, edit and save webpages with scripts embedded.
The best idea I can think of, is doing the following:
- each script from the html-page is removed and replaced by some "weird" html link, like this:
<a class=rvts4 href="http://weird_1">script-link-1</a>
- the html-code can now be modified in a RVE
- the script-code can be modified in a synedit component
- when modifications are done, the RVE is saved in a file, the file is loaded again and the "weird" html links are again replaced by the (modified) scripts.
The elegance of this procedure is, that no new or modified actions are necessary in the RVE.

Is this the best way of handling html+scripts,
or does anyone have other/better suggestions ?


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