Registering TRichViewActions at run-time

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Registering TRichViewActions at run-time

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I'm evaluating TRichView in Turbo Delphi Explorer. It's a fully functional free version of Delphi, but unfortunately you can't install third-party packages nor register custom actions. As for TRichViewEdit it's not a problem (I create it by code), but I have a problem with TRichViewActions.

For now, I create custom actions at design time and then I call the Create method for a certain TRichViewAction, execute, update and destroy it after that (in OnExecute event handler of my custom action). But the problem arises when I use for example rvaActionFontBold, because it doesn't update the interface: i.e. buttons on action toolbars don't change their Checked property according to caret position changes.

My question is:
Is there any way to register RichView actions in TActionManager by code so I could assing them to action toolbars and menu at run-time and use them in the same way as they work when registered in IDE?

P.S. For those who can't afford the legal version of Delphi and run an illegal one I really recommend Turbo Delphi Explorer from Borland (it's free even for commercial use! :)). You can download it at

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