orphan checkpoints ? or bug in scalerichview?

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orphan checkpoints ? or bug in scalerichview?

Post by RobertoVG » Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:58 pm

Hi Sergey ,

Adapting the example of richview .. (Tutorial \ 2 Items-Checkpoints-Tags-Hypertext \ 2 Checkpoints\Tutorial_2_2.dpr) for TSRichViewEdit noticed that when you create a final inspection point at the end, as the example of Checkpoints 'END', it is no longer accessible.

(you can check through your routine known: GoToCheckpoint)

It's a bug or have another solution?

function _GoToCheckpoint(RVData: TCustomRVFormattedData;
rv: TCustomRichViewEdit; const CPName: String): Boolean;
var i,r,c,x,y: Integer;
Tag: TRVTag;
CPD: TCheckpointData;
Name: String;
RI: Boolean;
table: TRVTableItemInfo;
FORM1.Memo1.Lines.Clear ; (to my test)
for i := 0 to RVData.ItemCount-1 do begin
CPD := RVData.GetItemCheckpoint(i);
if Assigned(CPD) then begin
RVData.GetCheckpointInfo(CPD, Tag, Name, RI);


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