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TScaleRichView 7.3 Styles and Tables

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 11:46 am
by israelgs

TRichView I've been using for many years and now I will go to TScaleRichView, I've acquired a few weeks ago.

Currently I use a frame that is incorporated into a MDIChild when I need it, I store when accessing the field and table field in which I am to use exchange controls and similar source. I've always used a TRVStyle for styles and data are saved in RTF format.

Now I changed the TDBRichViewEdit by TDBSRichViewEdit, and although I left the TRVStyle, no matter binding it or not TDBScaleRichViewEdit, strange things happen:

- Where I set the default font and size? I do not want to use Arial Calibri 10 but 12 in the entire document.
- Despite having connected correctly TRVFontComboBox and TRVFontSizeComboBox TDBSRichView, if I change font size value is always changed to 0.
- If I add a table, the cursor disappears and everything I write goes without space between characters, change the font size to 0, 90% of the time, it gives errors "stack overflow".

What am I doing wrong?