How to setItemText for an Item

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How to setItemText for an Item

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I have a list to keep Text Items with special tag i have assigned to when calling AddNLTag. When I need to update the Item text, i will loop through my list and update item text one follow by another.

I tried, rve.SetItemText(rve.GetItemNo(TextItem), 'updated text'), but items in table cell does not seems to be working.

What is the best way to update Item's Text?


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Re: How to setItemText for an Item

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Items in table cells cannot be accessed as rve.GetItem(). They belong to items of a cell, not of the root document.
You need to store two values: ItemNo and RVData.
For the root document, RVData = rve.RVData
For cell, RVData = Cell.

Code for changing cell:
RVData.GetRVData.SetItemText(ItemNo, 'updated text');

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