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Is it possible in TRichViewEdit programmatically (by code) to select all text by Ctrl+A ?

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Re: Ctrl+A

Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

If you use RichViewActions, there is TrvActionSelectAll, it has Ctrl+A shortcut by default.
If you do not use RichViewActions, you can use the standard action TEditSelectAll.

Or you can create a menu item or a toolbar button, assign its ShortCut = Ctrl+A, and call in OnClick:

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It's also possible to implement it in OnKeyDown, but it is more difficult.
The simplest code is

Code: Select all

procedure TForm3.RichViewEdit1KeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word;
  Shift: TShiftState);
  if (ssCtrl in Shift) and (Key = ord('A')) then
    (Sender as TCustomRichViewEdit).SelectAll;
    (Sender as TCustomRichViewEdit).Invalidate;
But when called when the caret is in a table cell, it selects this cell, not the full editor.
It's also possible to select the whole editor from OnKeyDown, but it's more difficult (the problem of destroying cell inplace editor in OnKeyDown). I can explain a workaround, but I recommend using other methods listed above.

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