TRichViewEdit: Disable undo/redo completly

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TRichViewEdit: Disable undo/redo completly

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first at all. I extend your TRichViewEdit. It reads text from database and save it to database, but now i have a problem with the undo/redo list.

I write an formated text and let it save to database. Now if i reopen my appliaction the text load successful. If i want to remove the text i set the cursor at the end and press backspace. At this moment i get the errRVUndoEmpty exception, because the undo list is empty.

I dont need the undo/redo list. So my question: Is it possible to completly disable this function?

Sergey Tkachenko
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Re: TRichViewEdit: Disable undo/redo completly

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To disable undo, assign rve.UndoLimit=0.

errRVUndoEmpty occurs when some editing methods are called in a wrong context. Probably, you called undocumented methods. The best way perform backspace is
SendMessage(rve.TopLevelEditor.Handle, WM_KEYDOWN, VK_BACK, 0)

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