[Unit] Item for saving a table of contents in RTF and DocX

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[Unit] Item for saving a table of contents in RTF and DocX

Post by Sergey Tkachenko » Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:56 am


This file contains RVTocItem.pas unit, implementing a new item type: a table of contents for exporting in RTF and DocX files.
When inserting in our editors, it looks like {TOC}.
When exporting to RTF or DocX, it looks like [Update fields to build a table of contents]. When the user right click this text in Microsoft Word and chooses "Update Field" from the context menu, Microsoft Word inserts a table of contents in its place (providing that this document has headings).

This item has property: MaxLevel, a maximal level of headings used to build TOC (counted from 1). This property can be accessed with GetExtraItemIntPropertyEx and related method as rveipcMaxLevel. For example,

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RichViewEdit1.SetCurrentItemExtraIntPropertyEx(rveipcMaxLevel, 4, True);
changes value of this property as an editing (undoable) operation for a TOC at the caret position.
This property also can be defined in constructor:

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var TOC: TRVTOCItemInfo;
  TOC := TRVTOCItemInfo.CreateEx(RichViewEdit1.RVData, 3);
  RichViewEdit1.InsertItem('', TOC);

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