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Post by jota » Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:29 pm


When you execute this demo, you can resize form and, automatically resize the TRVPrintPreview content too.

If you click zoom of this content two times, the size enlarges and returns to its original size. if later you resize form, TRVPrintPreview remains with the same size.

Why does it occurs? Can be maintained the resizing?

Thanks in advance

Sergey Tkachenko
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Re: TRichView\Demos\Delphi\Assorted\Printing\Printing

Post by Sergey Tkachenko » Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:39 pm

In the current implementation, clicking switches between the current ZoomPercent and 100%.
Unfortunately, ZoomMode is reset to rvzmCustom.
Normally, previewing form has controls allowing to assign rvzmFullPage or rvzmPageWidth to ZoomMode.

I'll consider switching not only ZoomPercent but also ZoomMode in future versions.

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