[Demo][ScaleRichView] How to drag text from grid to editor

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[Demo][ScaleRichView] How to drag text from grid to editor

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These demos show how to drag text from the selected cell of TStringGrid to TSRichViewEdit.

https://www.trichview.com/support/files ... dtosrv.zip

The ZIP contains two versions of the demo:

1) Using VCL drag&drop
2) Using system (OLE) drag&drop. This version uses additional components: Drag and Drop Component Suite

See also for VCL drag&drop:
(for TRichView): demo in TRichView\Demos\DelphiUnicode\Assorted\Graphics\DragImg
(for ScaleRichView): demo in ScaleRichView\Demos\RVDemos\Assorted\Graphics\DragImg

See also for OLE drag&drop:
http://www.trichview.com/forums/viewtop ... f=3&t=3407 (dragging URLS from treeview to TRichViewEdit)

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2018-May-2: Code clean-up. Compatibility with old versions of Delphi.
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