Ip camera connection

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Ip camera connection

Post by chzer »

I am a beginner in the ip camera

I downloaded a trial version of RVMedia, i want to connect to ip camera.
camera : alhua
Camera ip :
Computer ip :
I can ping camera without any problem

This 02 devices are connected in local network with switch

User : admin
password : admin1234

I compiled Media Test project and i entered values:
Host : port : 37777 (i found it in browser when i connected to make config for the camera)
user name : admin
and password : admin1234

I tried with MGPEG and H.264 ==> No Video

When i debug in the line
s := Trim(txtVideoImagesURL.Text); s return always ''

What i am doing wrog ? is there any additionnel soft to instal, or other congurations to make ?

Thank's for help

Sergey Tkachenko
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Re: Ip camera connection

Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

1) If this camera displays video in H.264 format, RVMedia requires FFmpeg, see https://www.trichview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17
Without FFmpeg, RVMedia supports only MJPEG and JPEG cameras.
2) There are two ways to specify IP camera parameters in RVMedia.
- if you know the exact video URL, specify it in RVCamera.URL property. User name and password can either be encoded in URL or specified in UserName and UserPassword properties
- if you do not know the exact video URL, you can specify IP address in CameraHost and port in CameraPort properties, and user name and password in UserName and UserPassword properties. RVCamera can search for video URL on the specified address. The search uses different templates depending on MJPEG/H.264 settings. And it can succeed only if your camera is in RVMedia search templates.

PS: as far as I remember, txtVideoImagesURL is for a rare kind of IP camera that provides video by updating a set of image files.

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