Changing header/footer style in code

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Changing header/footer style in code

Post by vit » Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:39 am

Hi! What is the correct way of changing items style in header/footer?

In an example ... swnvsbJBQs (compiled with v7.2.1 version of SRVE under XE6) try to do these steps:

1. Activate the Header and type any text
2. Deactivate the Header by dbl clicking on main part of the document
3. Push the bStrikeOutHeader
4. Activate the Header again

You're gonna see that as you reactivated the Header in the 4 step, the text there isn't striked out anymore, and the style number of that text is 0 (see in the status bar).

You can see that I create differend TRVStyle objects for each editor:

Code: Select all

  SRVE.ExternalRVStyleHeader := CreateRVS;
  SRVE.ExternalRVStyleFooter := CreateRVS;
  SRVE.ExternalRVStyle := CreateRVS;
I barely remember that there is something connected to SubDocuments for this, but can't remember or find in the the help/forum :(

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