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TrvActionInsertPicture is the action for "Insert | Picture" command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionInsertPicture = class(TrvActionCustomIO)



This action inserts a page picture from file in the caret position. Unlike all other file opening actions, this action detects file format by the file extension, not by the file filter index.

The following additional properties can be applied to inserted pictures:

VAlign – the image alignment relative to text;

Spacing – padding (spacing between the image itself and its border);

OuterHSpacing, OuterVSpacing – horizontal and vertical spacing around the image border;

BorderWidth, BorderColor – border width and color;

BackgroundColor – background color;

MaxImageSize – maximal allows size (the image will be stretched if it exceeds this size);

StoreFileName, StoreFileNameInItemName allow storing file name with the image.

You can modify a picture before insertion in OnInserting event.

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