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RichViewEditCaretWidth, RichViewEditCaretHeightExtra, RichViewEditMaxCaretHeight Typed Constants

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These typed constants allow to control the caret appearance in RichViewEdit.

Unit  RVERVData.


const RichViewEditCaretWidth: Integer = 1;

      RichViewEditCaretHeightExtra: Integer = 0;

      RichViewEditMaxCaretHeight: Integer = 1000;

      RichViewEditMinCaretHeight: Integer = 0;

RichViewEditCaretWidth – width of the caret.

Value of RichViewEditCaretHeightExtra is added to the top and the bottom of the caret (negative values make the caret shorter, positive values make it longer).

RichViewEditMaxCaretHeight – maximal possible caret height.

RichViewEditMinCaretHeight – minimal possible caret height.

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