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Functions from RVGetText and RVGetTextW Units

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The units RVGetText and RVGetTextW include the identical sets of functions returning text from TRichView.

Functions from RVGetText return ANSI strings, functions from RVGetTextW return Unicode strings.


function GetCurrentLineText(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVAnsiString;

function GetVisibleText(rv: TCustomRichView): TRVAnsiString;

function GetAllText(rv: TCustomRichView): TRVAnsiString;

function GetRVDataText(RVData: TCustomRVData): TRVAnsiString;

function GetCurrentParaSectionText(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVAnsiString;

function GetCurrentParaText(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVAnsiString;

function GetCurrentChar(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVAnsiString;

function GetCurrentWord(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVAnsiString;


function GetCurrentLineText(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVUnicodeString;

function GetVisibleText(rv: TCustomRichView): TRVUnicodeString;

function GetAllText(rv: TCustomRichView): TRVUnicodeString;

function GetRVDataText(RVData: TCustomRVData): TRVUnicodeString;

function GetCurrentParaSectionText(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVUnicodeString;

function GetCurrentParaText(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVUnicodeString;

function GetCurrentChar(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVUnicodeString;

function GetCurrentWord(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit): TRVUnicodeString;

GetCurrentLineText returns the current line of text (the line containing the caret).

GetAllText returns all text in rv, GetRVDataText returns all text in RVData.

GetCurrentParaSectionText returns text of the paragraph section with the caret (paragraph section is a part of document limited either by paragraph breaks or by new line breaks (added with  Shift + Enter ).

GetCurrentParaText returns text of the paragraph with the caret.

GetCurrentChar returns character to the left of the caret. If the caret is at the beginning of line, returns the character to the right. If no character, returns empty string.

GetCurrentWord returns the word with the caret.


For non-text items, these function return their text representation.

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