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TCustomRichView.AddCenterLine, AddFromNewLine (deprecated)

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These methods add one text item using the StyleNo-th text style to the end of document.

procedure AddCenterLine(const s: String; StyleNo:Integer); deprecated;

procedure AddFromNewLine(const s: String; StyleNo:Integer); deprecated;

AddFromNewLine and AddCenterLine are deprecated and maintained for backward compatibility (with TRichView versions prior to 1.0):

AddCenterLine(s, StyleNo) is equivalent to AddNL(s, StyleNo, 1).

AddFromNewLine(s, StyleNo) is equivalent to AddNL(s, StyleNo, 0).


s is a text string to add. It must not contain CR, LF, TAB, FF characters (#13, #10, #9, #12). To add several lines of text use AddTextNL.

StyleNo is an index in the TextStyles collection of the linked RVStyle component, or rvsDefStyle constant. It defines font attributes for the text.

Methods type: viewerstyle viewer-style

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