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TCustomRichView.AddBreak, AddBreakEx, AddBreakExTag, AddBreakTag

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These methods add break (horizontal line) to the end of document.

procedure AddBreakExTag(Width: TRVStyleLength; Style: TRVBreakStyle;

  Color: TColor; const Tag: TRVTag);


procedure AddBreak;

procedure AddBreakEx(Width: TRVStyleLength; Style: TRVBreakStyle;

  Color: TColor);

procedure AddBreakTag(const Tag: TRVTag);

AddBreak, AddBreakEx, AddBreakTag provide subsets of functionality of AddBreakExTag method:

AddBreak is equivalent to AddBreakExTag(1, rvbsLine, clNone, '').

AddBreakEx(...) is equivalent to AddBreakExTag(..., '').

AddBreakTag(Tag) is equivalent to AddBreakExTag(1, rvbsLine, clNone, Tag).



Width – line width (or rectangle height). This value is measured in Style.Units.

Style – break type;

Color – color of line. If it is equal to clNone, the break has the color of the 0th text style.

Tagtag of this break.

For default HTML <hr> appearance, parameters must be: Style=rvbs3d, Width=2.


Methods type: viewerstyle viewer-style.

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