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TCustomRichView.AddCheckpoint, AddCheckpointTag, AddNamedCheckpoint, AddNamedCheckpointEx, AddNamedCheckpointExTag

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These methods add checkpoint to the end of document.

function AddNamedCheckpointExTag(const CpName: String;

  RaiseEvent: Boolean; const Tag: TRVTag): Integer;


function AddCheckpoint: Integer;

function AddCheckpointTag(const Tag: TRVTag): Integer;

function AddNamedCheckpoint(const CpName: String): Integer;

function AddNamedCheckpointEx(const CpName: String;

  RaiseEvent: Boolean): Integer;

AddCheckpoint, AddCheckpointTag, AddNamedCheckpoint, AddNamedCheckpointEx provide subsets of functionality of AddNamedCheckpointExTag:

AddCheckpoint is equivalent to AddNamedCheckpointExTag('', False, '')..

AddCheckpointTag(Tag) is equivalent to AddNamedCheckpointExTag('', False, Tag).

AddNamedCheckpoint(CpName) is equivalent to AddNamedCheckpointExTag(CpName, False, '').

AddNamedCheckpointEx(CpName, RaiseEvent) is equivalent to AddNamedCheckpointExTag(CpName, RaiseEvent, '').

Checkpoints are not items, but the methods for appending checkpoints are similar to methods for appending items. This checkpoint will be associated with the next appended item.



CpName – name of checkpoint. This is an ANSI string, regardless of Unicode mode of text styles. It must not contain #0, #1 and #2 characters.

RaiseEvent – "raise event" flag, see OnCheckpointVisible

Tagtag of checkpoint.

Return value:

Index of the added checkpoint


Methods type: viewerstyle viewer-style.

unicode Unicode note: names of checkpoints are Unicode strings for Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer, and ANSI strings for older versions of Delphi/C++Builder.

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