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TCustomRichView.CopyText, CopyTextA, CopyTextW

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These methods copy the selected fragment to the Clipboard as text.

procedure CopyText;

procedure CopyTextA;

procedure CopyTextW;

These methods do nothing if there is nothing selected.

These methods clear the Clipboard before copying.

CopyTextA copies text in ANSI encoding. Text of Unicode styles is converted basing on TRVStyle.DefCodePage.

CopyTextW copies text in Unicode encoding. ANSI strings are converted basing on the corresponding Charsets. For  text of DEFAULT_CHARSET, TRVStyle.DefCodePage is used.

CopyText works like CopyTextW in Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer, and like CopyTextA in the older versions of Delphi/C++Builder.

These methods must be called only when the document is formatted.

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