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TCustomRichViewEdit.GetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty, GetCurrentItemExtraStrPropertyEx

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The methods return a value of the specified string property of the item at the position of caret

function GetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty(

  Prop: TRVExtraItemStrPropertyvar Value: String): Boolean;

function GetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty(

  Prop: Integer; var Value: String): Boolean;

(introduced in versions 1.9 and 15)

GetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty[Ex](...) is equivalent to TopLevelEditor.GetItemExtraStrProperty[Ex](TopLevelEditor.CurItemNo, ...).

Value receives value of the property identified by Prop.

In GetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty, Prop's type is TRVExtraItemStrProperty. See information about this type for the list of properties.

In GetCurrentItemExtraStrPropertyEx, Prop's type is Integer. If Prop can be converted to TRVExtraItemStrProperty, GetCurrentItemExtraStrPropertyEx works like GetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty. In addition, it supports properties identified by rvespc*** constants

This method must be called only when the document is formatted.

Return value

True, if this item has this property. False, if not.


unicode Unicode note: string properties are Unicode strings for Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer, and ANSI strings for older versions of Delphi/C++Builder.


See also:

SetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty[Ex] (set a value of a string property for the item at the position of caret, as an editing operation);

SetItemExtraStrProperty[Ex]Ed (set a value of a string property for the specified item, as an editing operation);

GetCurrentItemExtraIntProperty[Ex] (return a value of the specified integer property of the item at the position of caret).

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