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Inserts graphic files from the Clipboard (CF_HDROP format).

function TCustomRichViewEdit.PasteGraphicFiles(

  FileNamesAsNames,StoreFileNames: Boolean): Boolean;

(introduced in version 10)

This method does nothing if the Clipboard does not contain graphic files in CF_HDROP format. This format is copied, for example, by Windows Explorer, or by Internet Explorer, when user copies an image (a link to the file in the browser's cache is copied).


If FileNamesAsNames = True, the full file name is stored in the picture item name.

If StoreFileNames = True, the full file name is is stored in rvespImageFileName extra string property.

Method type: editstyle editing-style method for insertion.

unicode Unicode note: names of non-text items and extra item string properties are ANSI strings.

You can use OnDropFile event to insert files yourself (so you can implement insertion of files of multiple formats, not only graphics)

Return value:

True, if at least one of pictures was inserted.

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RichView and Clipboard.

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