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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 04/19/2003 19:40:31

This code allows to resize RichView so that it _approximately_ corresponds

to the size on the page.

Wrapping in the same places as on the paper is not 100% guaranteed.


var w, h: Integer;

// rvoClientTextWidth must be excluded from RichViewEdit1.Options.

GetPageSize(RVPrint1, w,h);

RichViewEdit1.MaxTextWidth :=



procedure GetPageSize(RVPrint: TRVPrint;

                            var Width, Height: Integer);

var DC: HDC;

    phoX, phoY, phW, phH, lpy, lpx, LM, TM, RM, BM: Integer;


  DC := RV_GetPrinterDC; // from PtblRV unit

  Width  := GetDeviceCaps(DC, HORZRES);

  Height := GetDeviceCaps(DC, VERTRES);

  lpy := GetDeviceCaps(DC, LOGPIXELSY);

  lpx := GetDeviceCaps(DC, LOGPIXELSX);

  phoX := GetDeviceCaps(DC, PHYSICALOFFSETX);

  phoY := GetDeviceCaps(DC, PHYSICALOFFSETY);

  phW  := GetDeviceCaps(DC, PHYSICALWIDTH);

  phH  := GetDeviceCaps(DC, PHYSICALHEIGHT);

  LM := MulDiv(RVPrint.LeftMarginMM,   5*lpx, 127)- phoX;

  TM := MulDiv(RVPrint.TopMarginMM,    5*lpy, 127)- phoY;

  RM := MulDiv(RVPrint.RightMarginMM,  5*lpx, 127)- (phW-(phoX+Width));

  BM := MulDiv(RVPrint.BottomMarginMM, 5*lpy, 127)- (phH-(phoY+Height));

  if LM<0 then LM := 0;

  if TM<0 then TM := 0;

  if RM<0 then RM := 0;

  if BM<0 then BM := 0;

  dec(Width, LM+RM);

  dec(Height, TM+BM);


  DC := GetDC(0);

  Width  := MulDiv(Width,  GetDeviceCaps(DC, LOGPIXELSX), lpx);

  Height := MulDiv(Height, GetDeviceCaps(DC, LOGPIXELSY), lpy);

  ReleaseDC(0, DC);


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