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Chia Chen Yap

Posted: 04/30/2004 4:29:17

For me I think it is needed.

I want the subdirectory created base on the HTML file name(as what rv action

did). For example, the file name is "Test', I would like the directory name

to be "...\Test_files\...". I know that this can be achieved by simply set

the image prefix to the subdirectory path. But what if I would like to save

the image myself during the OnHTMLSaveImage?'

I know that saving the file name into a variable is one of the solution, but

it works only when there is only one HTML file to be exported at once. What

if there were threads spawned purposely for exporting HTML files? Again, I

know I can save the info into a StringList or something, but this will make

the code looks untidy while I can easily get the file path but I have to

every time save a list of record just to keep track of the file name. Well,

that's just my opinion.


"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote in message


> File name is not provided, only a path where this file is located (as Path

> parameter).

> If you call SaveHTML/SaveHTMLEx yourself, you can store file name yourself

> in some variable.


> Is it really necessary? For example, RichViewActions store images in

> subbdirectory created basing on the file name.

> They simply pass this subdirectory as a part of image file name.


> > hi,

> > during the execution of OnHTMLSaveImage event, I can customize the

> location.

> > but while customizing the location, i need to know the name of the html

> file

> > that i am going to save so that it can be used as path of the file

> location.

> > How can I get the html file name in that event?

> >

> > best regards,

> > Chen Yap

> >

> >



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