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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 08/19/2002 19:10:26

Unfortunately, hypertext requires formatted RichView, but RichView

formatting requires assigned Parent.

Try to create invisible form, assign it as a parent, export to html, then


> Hi all,


> I need to convert RTF to HTML and have to provide links in the RTF texts.

> When I instantiate a RichView on a form the conversion will work perfect.

> But my convertion routines have to run as an ISAPI extension and I have no

> rights to create a form (visible or not visible) to put the RichView onto

> it.

> But when I have no form the id parameter in OnURLNeeded event always is

> zero.

> I had a litte look at the calling procedure and saw that the li.JumpID


> be zero until the rendering was started and the li.Tag contains the


> id. Manipulating the source of TRichView can only a temporary solution of


> problem (I would have to manipulate at every update ...).


> Is there any other way to get the correct id in OnURLNeeded event or can


> source be corrected by Sergey?


> Thank you.

> Michael



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