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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 03/13/2004 11:21:21

"Property *** does not exist" usually means that one version of components

is installed in Delphi for designtime editing, but another version is used

for compiling the application.

It looks like for designtime you have with the removed

dot from DEFINE, but for runtime Delphi uses version with disabled DEFINE.

If you have two copies of RichViewActions files in different directories,

remove one of them.

> Sergey - THANKS for your quick response and help.  This made sense and I

> was successful (I *think*) in getting both packages install thanks to

> your explanation.


> No, one remaining problem when I try to compile a project I'm working on

> (playing with the ActionsTest demo project), after placing the various

> integrated components on my form and connecting them to the

> RVAControlPanel, I'm getting the following error on compile/run:


> "Project ActionTest.exe raised exception class EReadError with message

> 'Error reading RVAControlPanel1.XMLFilter: Property XML Filter does not

> exist'."


> I've looked at the property in question, and it contains the default

> "XML Files (*.xml)|*.xml" text.  I also tried deleting this test but the

> results are the same.

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