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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 08/17/2004 22:45:50

> Some years ago I used WPTools for my rtf needs.  It was a good package but

> didn't do everything I needed.  How does your package compare with


Use web interface for this newsgroup - search for "WPToos" in subject

> I just ran your demo editor2 and tried to open a .mht file w/o success.  I

See my previous answer about mht

> also did Select>All on a web page ( and

> tried to paste it into the same editor.  It didn't paste everything and

> reformatted it too.  Is this a limitation?

MS IE copies data in the Clipboard in several formats, including plain text,


But for complex pages it fails to copy RTF (copies empty RTF).

TRichViewEdit pastes RTF, it it empty, it pasted nothing (newest version

inserts plain text in this case).

But with use of RvHtmlImporter component, you can paste web page as HTML.

You can test it in the demo from

(menu Edit | Paste Special)

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