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Posted: 01/29/2004 23:12:14


I am sorry to ask a delphi general question here, but I want to output some

letters to RVEdit when a certain button is pressed. I have a button in my

application and when click will output a certain email address to RVEdit.

The problem I have is that the following codes:

keybd_event(ORD'E',0, 0, 0);

will give the letter E. BUT I want to output other characters such as @(assigned

at) to TRVEdit.

The codes:keybd_event(ORD'@',0, 0, 0); WILL NOT GIVE THE ASSIGN AT CHARACTER.

Sergey, can you please point out where did I go wrong. If possible pls give

the correct codes.

Thank you for your kindness.

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