Re: Memoryleaks??

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Pieter E.

Posted: 09/28/2004 20:10:56

The following code I use:

if(RichViewEdit1->CurItemStyle == rvsPicture)


  AnsiString s;

  int iTag;

  TGraphic *grPicture;

  TRVVAlign VAlign;

  RichViewEdit1->GetCurrentPictureInfo(s, grPicture, VAlign, iTag);

  Panel1->Caption = grPicture->Width;

  grPicture = NULL;

  delete grPicture;


At the end I delete grPicture, so I don't get memoryleaks...

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>How do you use grPicture?

>If you use it for AddPictureEx, InsertPicture, SetPictureInfo and similar

>functions, you must not free it yourself. After calling these methods with

>grPicture as a parameter, grPicture becomes owned by TRichView. It will


>it itself.




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