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Martin Holmes

Posted: 05/04/2005 15:21:59

Delphi 2005 Pro and the TRichView components seem to be very unhappy

together. I've been trying for days now to get the components installed

and my project working, but almost every day when I restart Delphi I get

one of those annoying "Component X can't be registered by package

xxxxD9.bpl because it is already registered by [the same package]." I

uninstall and reinstall all the components, over and over again, get a

project half-working for a while, then the next time I restart Delphi I

get the same issues.

Does anyone have the RV packages (RV, RVDB, RVXML, RVHTML, and

RVActions) working in Delphi 2005? Can you tell me how you did it? Does

anyone know what might be causing these problems?

I really need some help here!



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