Re: Multiple lines in one RVData.SetItemText(i, value)

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 06/08/2005 22:57:34

If this abort is called, this means that RVF is incorrect.

- May be you forgot to set Stream.Position = 0?

- Another possible problem: Cell.InsertRVFFromStream does not support

text/paragraph style merging. What's why the MailMerge2 demo loads the field

value in the hidden RichView first (it is linked to the same RVStyle as the

main document, so a style merging occurs, and new styles are added, if

necessary). Then it is copied from this hidden RichView to the main

document, with the option "ignore styles" (because both the source and the

target richviews are linked to the same RVStyle)

If this information does not help, can you create a simple project and send

it to me?

(but I will be able to answer you only next Tuesday, because I will be away

for 4 days)

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