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Posted: 01/14/2005 20:22:08

Hello Sergey,

thank you for your answer.

But your code is too complex for ca. 50 TQRLabels, 20 TQRShapes (rectangle

and/or horzline), 1 image etc.

Is there any chance to use QuickReport and (only) your memo (I want to show

a justified text and a table) ?


"Jürgen" <> wrote:


>Hello Sergey,


>I want to print more than only the formated content of your memo.



>I have tried it with your components  (TRVPrintPreview, RVPrint, TRVStyle,

>and RRichViewEdit).

>It works fine (the content of your JUSTIFIED memo is justified printed).

>But - I ONLY can print the content of the memo and not other components


>TLabel etc..



>Then I have tried it with the quickReport.  The problem: the content of


>JUSTIFIED memo is not justified printed. The other attributes (bold, underlined

>etc.) are correct.

>I hope you can show me a way to print the content of a justified memo (and

>the content of other components (TLabel.Caption etc.)).



>As soon as I print a justified marked text (whole lines) with your components

>(look at 1.), the text is not justified printed (but  PARA_ALIGNMENT = left).


>4. My memo.height = 509. I want to know how much memo.lines are shown ?


>Can someone help me ?





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