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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 09/10/2004 11:59:35

Check LRVData->GetItemStyle(LItemNo)

If the return value >=0, this is a text item (return value is an index in


It's picture if the return value is rvsPicture or rvsHotPicture.

Search for "rvsPicture" in the help index for more information (it should

open "rvsXXX global constants" topic)


> I've created the following code with the helpfile:


> TCustomRVFormattedData *LRVData;

> int LItemNo, LOffs;

> Types::TPoint pt;


> pt = rve->ClientToDocument(pt);

> rve->GetItemAt(pt.x, pt.y, LRVData, LItemNo, LOffs, True);

> if(ItemNo<0) return;


> Question:


> How do I know if the selected item is image, table, or other type...

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