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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 03/04/2003 23:25:20

Sorry, I do not have exactly v1.6.10

But I suggest to update your project to 1.7. I am sure it will not take more

than 1/2 an hour.

All required changes are listed in "New in version 1.7" topic of the help


Briefly, changes are:

- (if you use bullets/hotspots) replace TImageList with TCustomImageList in

several places, mainly in parameters of OnRVFImageListNeeded

- if you use DeleteUnusedStyles, GetWordAt, OnDrawPageBreak - add new

parameters in call of functions/ in event handlers

- if you use OnHTMLSaveImage, check a case of ItemNo=-1.

What's all!

> I have a project in Release Candidate status. The project used

> RV 1.6.10.

> I downloaded the newest version and got lots of compatibility isues.

> Since time is a constraint, can I get the Registered 1.6.10 version?





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