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Posted: 05/29/2003 18:06:43

Thank you.

Pasting nothing isn't an option, I have to past everything in one line.

But I found something that works very well so far:

TheText := StringReplace(TheText, #13#10 + '\par\', '\', [rfReplaceAll]);


Sergey Tkachenko wrote:

> You can process OnPaste and allow pasting only one-line text:


> procedure TForm1.RichViewEdit1Paste(Sender: TCustomRichViewEdit;

>   var DoDefault: Boolean);

> var s: String;

> begin

>   s := Clipboard.AsText;

>   if (Pos(#10,s)=0) and (Pos(#13,s)=0) then

>     RichViewEdit1.InsertText(s,False);

>   DoDefault := False;

> end;


> The code above does notthing if the text is multiline.

> For the user convenience, you can insert the first line, or replace line

> breaks with some characters (for example, '|').




>>How can I remove all line breaks from an RTF string that I want to paste

>>into an RichViewEdit?


>>The following is set:


>>RichViewEdit.EditorOptions := [rvoCtrlJumps, rvoDoNotWantReturns,



>>RichViewEdit.Style.ParaStyles[0].Option := [rvpaoNoWrap,



>>This helps when typing the text, but when I paste text that has line

>>breaks, they are still there after pasting.




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