Re: replace DBRichEdit with TRichView

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 02/04/2005 0:01:53

Use TDBRichViewEdit instead of TDBRichView, if you want to edit data.

And set the following properties:

DBRichViewEdit.FieldFormat = rvdbRTF; // if you need to store data as RTF

DBRichViewEdit.AutoDeleteUnusedStyles = True.

Right click DBRichViewEdit in Delphi, choose "Settings" in the context menu,

make sure that "Allow adding styles dynamically" is set.

I did not test Rave... Do you want it to display data saved by

DBRichViewEdit, or vice versa?


> Hello,

> i want to replace the DBRichEdit.

> My problem: the RichView only show the unformatet RTF-Text from an


> DB-Blob field. Is there an option to display the correct RTF?

> A report will be generate with Rave5. Can Rave5 handle an RichView



> regard's

> Andreas

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