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Mike Anderson

Posted: 02/21/2005 21:34:21

Well, I don't what to say.

the truth, still I'm having problem with it.

The demo working good

for text only and not bad with some images.

I don't think RVF will work, but I tried RTF and as you see.

Still, I'm waiting for response.

Not good support at all, takes two or three days to response, I wish they

have support like RichView site.


"Alan McDonald" <> wrote in message


> Mike - sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask your opinion of the pdf

> lib

> you are using. I know you have these issues at the moment with RVF but I

> wonder if you know already whether the library is any good. I need one but

> my experience is they all have something they can't do and it's a pain in

> the you-know-what.


> Any comments you can offer would be appreciated.


> Does the lib handle native RVF? or are you streaming to RTF first?


> Alan


> "Mike Anderson" <MikeAn_98 at bellsouth dot net> wrote in message


>> Hello,


>> I have TPDFDocument from I would like to use

>> TPDFDocument  with RichAction

>> I mean, use RichAction and create PDF from same program. but I'm getting

>> error

>> List Index out of bound (0) on line

>> rvrh.Init(pdf.Canvas, DocWidth);


>> {

>> rvrh: TRVReportHelper;

>> rvrh using same TRVStyle with in RichView form.

>> }


>> any idea ?


>> Thanks







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