Re: RichView Actions in C++ Builder - Tutorials ?

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 08/14/2003 19:55:10

Do you have problems in installation or in using?

How to use

- place TActionList component on form ("Standard" page of the Component


- place TImageList on form;

- assign ActionList1->Images = ImageList1;

- double click ActionList1. In the component editor, call command "New

Standard Action"; Select one of RichViewActions from list. It will be added

in ActionList1, its image will be added in ImageList1. Repeat for next

action and so on...


- open dmActions.pas, select ActionList and ImageList, copy them and paste

on your C++Builder form or datamodule.

Then link actions with menu items, toolbar buttons, etc. All of them have

Action property that should be assigned.


Select and copy controls from ActionTest's Unit3.pas

Some pascal code in Unit3.pas is also important, especially related to

localization. It needs to be translated to C++.

> Hi All,

> Does someone has some samples of C++ applications using RichView Actions ?

> I'm a Borland 4.0 C++ user and have meet problems trying to use this

> package.

> My email is :

> Thanks a lot

> Jean-Luc



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