Re: Richview LoadRVF Problem

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 10/01/2004 20:00:31

Sorry for delay.

You need to call TfrmRichEmail1.txtBody.Format after


If you want to use New/Save/SaveAs actions. you should use

rvActionOpen.LoadFile instead of calling methods of txtBody. If you do not

use this action, call LoadRVF and then Format.

> Hi


> I have just tried to do this without frames and made it even more simple


> starting from scratch.


> Put your richviewedit control on, TRvStyle linked this to the


> stuck a button on the form to load the rvf file I have which I saved out

> from your original demo with just the background image on and no text

> (template as such).


> When I call the loadrvf for starters it does not load fair enough but


> click on the richviewedit control after hitting the load button and I get

> list index out of bounds(-1), seems to be a solid problem


> Kind Regards

> Lee

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