Re: RTF import - Single quotes are missing.. and pics are missing while saving RTF with GIF

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 07/26/2002 19:53:21

> 2. Reg. the 1st issue (of apostrophe/single quotes), I am not using

> shareware or free version, but still apostrophes (') are not coming. eg.,

> (I'm), (You've),(isn't) etc are coming like (Im),(Youve),(isnt) etc. My

> version is 1.6 (or Version 1.5.4 as per topic "Components of RichView

> Family" of the help file).

You need to update your version.

See the registration e-mail for the location of the newest version, or

contact me by e-mail providing details of your order.


> 3. Another issue I noticed is that while creating Hyperlink existing font

> info is lost. I tried to use TFontInfo.Protection option but is not


> properly. Any way to solve this issue ?

How do you create hyperlinks?


> Thanks again for the help.

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