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Jim Maguire

Posted: 05/22/2005 0:43:33

I did try printing just the combo text in the in the RVPrintPrintComponent

event, but that doesn't resize table rows.  That would be an easy solution

if it did.

"Jim Maguire" <> wrote in message


>I have been using MS Word to create some forms with many data entry fields

>including checkboxes and combo's.  The data is entered in the form fields

>off line and then later imported by my app when the user connects.  I see

>RVF as a much better way since I can make it more interactive.  I was able

>to import the forms as RTF's virtually perfectly except of course for the

>fields themselves.  I added the Checkboxes and combos with no problem.


> The problem is the forms fill a page and are made up of essentially tables

> and the combos increase the row heights so much it pushes them into a 2nd

> page when printed.  Word solves the by only showing the combo when the

> field has focus.  Also, the combo bitmap button is much smaller, making

> the combo much smaller.  Another problem is that the Combos don't align

> with the preceding text nicely.


> I wonder if the best way to solve this is to have some dummy field in the

> RVF that is replaced by a hidden combo in the OnSelect event.  I've seen

> and used this technique in grids.


> Finally, my question: Does this seem to be the best solution, and if so,

> how do I get the selected fields X,Y points?


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