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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 12/07/2004 14:03:10

There are two possible reasons for this error:

- duplicate versions of Addict3 packages in different directories

- not updated (not recompiled) packages.

1) Uninstall Addict3_RichView_d7.dpk packages and Addict3 packages (menu

Components | Install Packages)

2) Make sure that there are no duplicate files of Addict3 packages. Delete

*.DCP and *.BPL files of Addict3 packages (or move to some place where

Delphi will not be able to find them). They may be found in <delphi

dir>\Projects\Bpl and/or in Addict3 subdirectories.

If you have a source code (*.PAS) of Addict3 packages, also remove all *.DCU

files for them.

2) Install Addict3 package

3) Install Addict3_RichView_d7

4) Make sure that Addict3_RichView_d7 is included in "requires" section for

rvActionsRunD7 (if not, include it)

5) Compile rvActionsRunD7 and move it to windows\system32

6) Install rvActionsD7

> I've been trying to install the actions demo.

> I am already an owner of Addict3 so I followed the instructions of


> the dot from the USERVAQDDICT3 define.

> I have successfully installed the ad3RichViewCompnts.

> But when I try to compile rvActionsRunD7.dpk I get

> [Fatal Error] Addict3_RichView_d7.dpk(39): Unit ad3RichViewCmpnts was

> compiled with a different version of ad3SpellBase.TAddictSpell3Base

> Now I have the latest Addict3 installed so it seems I need to recompile

> something - but I can't work out what. Since I thought I was recompiling


> now.

> An ideas anyone?

> thanks

> Alan



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