Re: Text-wrapping around pictures and tables

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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 02/08/2002 0:39:48

> I need this feature too, but with an added twist:


> Pictures need to be "floating" above text, with wrapping options, and


> borderspace around them. One possible suggestion is to be able to have


> boxes, basically child TRichview inside a TRichview, positionable by


> That way such boxes could contain text, entire small documents, or just a

> picture, which would add massive functionality.

> (Too complex ?)

Well, this definitely will be implemented even later than left/right align

of images...


> Hey, I just realised Richview CAN be inserted as a component in a


> We just need wrapping around components, and ability to place them by


It can be, but for many reasons it's more preferably to insert RV

sub-documents as table cells.

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