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hs Hwang

Posted: 12/19/2004 6:22:28

Yes, I understand line spacing is a part of the line.

And I understand Cell.VAlign is not solution in the case that only 1 line

exists in the cell.

If that, you mean It's not able to align middle vertically exactly

in the case line spacing not 100 ?

If So, How can I insert table containing all cells

which of parastyle have line spacing 100 ?

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote in message

> Did you set Cell.VAlign = rvcMiddle?

> Please note that line spacing is added below the line and it's treated as

> a

> part of this line. What's why the text itself looks elevated above the

> cell

> center.



>> Hi,


>> How can I align Text middle in table Cell in case of line spacing 150 ?


>> When line spacing is 100, Text in cells are vertically middle of Table

> Cell

>> exactly,


>> but, if line spacing is more than 100, Texts  in the cell are slightly

> above

>> center.


>> Best Regards!





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