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Posted: 12/19/2002 9:51:49

Thank you, I've received your mail.

Well, of course, my way isn't perfect, just for some cases.

The much better approach is Sergey's demo (MultiDemo -> Chat

Simulation) and his AddWithURLs method:

procedure AddWithURLs(s: String; rv: TRichView; DefStyle, UrlStyle: Integer).

"dca" <> wrote:

>realy want to say thanks already for helping me


> I say for example in the first row \B\a\B\

>you will see that he will set every letter "a" in the same document in bold.

>and that isn't something I want, I just want it the "a" in the first line.


>if you place more than one \B\ in you text it will not go to the end of


>document. Bilt in a stop sign and you will see for your self.


>I'll mail you an example file also you can check for your self...


>kind regards




>"Yernar" <> schreef in bericht



>> Sorry, I don't understand you.


>> In your first message you've said "... so that he will place the text


>> 2X /B in bold in my tricheditview".


>> And now you're saying "Everything that is between \B\    TEST   \B\


>> TEST will be converted in bold. I don't want only this  that is on that



>> ???

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