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Sergey Tkachenko

Posted: 10/29/2004 14:01:18

A beginning of line or paragraph?

I suppose you need a praragraph, because inserting tab or space at the

beginning of line may lead to different word wrapping.

If word wrapping is forbidden for the paragraph (rvpaoNoWrap is in Options),

a line and a paragraph are the same.

var rve: TCustomRichViewEdit;

     ItemNo, Offs: Integer;

rve := RichViewEdit1.TopLevelEditor;

ItemNo := rve.CurItemNo;

while (ItemNo>0) and not rve.IsFromNewLine(ItemNo) do


Offs := rve.GetOffsBeforeItem(ItemNo);

(IsFromNewLine does not depend on word wrapping, see the help file)


> I want to insert real white spaces(space, tab) instead of indentations


> by TRichViewEdit.

> For example, C++ Builder or Delphi code editor.

> It uses real white spaces for auto indentation instead of what you said.

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