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Martin Holmes

Posted: 02/17/2005 16:48:24

Hi there,

I'm trying to build a document in an empty TRichViewEdit, item by item,

reading from an XHTML DOM. This is working well except that for every

RVData (the main control, or any contained table cells), there's always

an initial empty paragraph item at the beginning, leading to an

unnecessary blank line. If I call Clear before starting to add new

items, then I get errors when adding items (because the control is

unformatted, presumably); if I call Clear, then Format, I get that pesky

item back again! If I delete the first item after building the document,

to get rid of the blank line, then the "real" first paragraph style

reverts to ParaStyles[0], which is not necessarily right.

I've tried everything I can think of here -- any ideas?

All help appreciated,


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