Title/Paragraph numbering, and Bullet handling ?

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Michel Lefebvre

Posted: 10/22/2002 13:45:52


Is there any direct mean provided by TRichView for automated numbering of

titles or paragraphs ? (I did not see anything about this in the available


If not, is it planned, or could you suggest a way to implement this at

application level ? The need is to have some kind of nested title numbering

(1., 1.1., 1.1.1 ...), with possibly various numbering styles (1, I, a,


Also, I understood that the handling of bullets had to be done at

application level with the "AddBulletEx" method. Am I wrong ? Is there any

(planned) possibility to include a bullet-type right in the definition of a

paragraph style ?

Best regards,

Michel Lefebvre (

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