Titles for HotPictures in HTML

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Pieter E.

Posted: 10/25/2004 9:40:43

I'd like to insert titles for HTML-files.

I use the following source:

void __fastcall TTekstFrame1::rveWriteHyperlink(TCustomRichView *Sender,

int id, TCustomRVData *RVData, int ItemNo, RVSaveFormat SaveFormat, AnsiString

&Target, AnsiString &Extras)


  Target = (char *)RVData->GetItemTag(ItemNo);

  if(SaveFormat == rvsfHTML) Extras = "title=\"Click here!\"";



The title of the hyperlinks shows correct in an internetbrowser. But when

the hyperlink is a HotPicture the title doesn't show.

The title is nested in the 'hyperlink row' and it should be in the 'image

row' of the html source.

Do you have an idea?


Pieter E.

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